Selected Past Events:

Dec. 2016, The Last Bookstore: 3-Minute Teen Stories, hosted by Jason Diamond.
August 2016, Skylight Books: In conversation with Jessica Winter about her novel BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. 
April 2016, Association of Writers and Publishers (AWP): "Pitch Perfect: How to Successfully Pitch Freelance Articles to Magazine Editors." 
Nov. 2015, UCB New Brain Panel Series
Oct. 2015, Paley Center for Media & Google, "Cracking the Code: Diversity, Hollywood, & STEM" (interview of actress Danica McKellar)
Dec. 2014, BuzzFeed Live: IRL, OMG! (co-host)
Nov. 2014, Miami Book Fair, moderator of "Critics in the Cloud: The State of Literary Criticism In the Age of the Internet" (reviewed here
Nov. 2014, Creative Mornings, "The Evolution of BuzzFeed"
Oct. 2014, Penn Humanities Forum, "The Future of Digital"
June 2014, keynote speaker, Norwegian Online News Association (reviewed in Norwegian here)
Sept. 2013, Emerce eDay keynote speaker (post-talk video here)
March 2012, SXSW, "What the Internet Finds Funny: Creating and Covering Humor Online"
Feb. 2012, "Like A Boss" Emily Books panel

I'm an experienced speaker, panelist, and moderator on digital media, women in media, and career paths in media. Would you like me to speak at your event, be on your panel, etc.? Email me:

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